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We Inspire * Educate & Support People of Color to build profitable long-sustaining companies that develop more vital communities.

According to CNBC and other sources, eight out of ten Black-owned businesses fail within the first 18 months. Black communities need successful, profitable Black-owned companies to survive and thrive.

Transruptic™ is focused on transforming and disrupting how entrepreneurs are developed and supported. We provide a comprehensive Entrepreneur Ecosystem™ that helps produce successful holistic business owners.

Transruptic is not just an entrepreneur course

We take a holistic approach to assist entrepreneurs with creating businesses that grow and create new opportunities for the owners and neighborhood.

The courses and support to make exceptional entrepreneurs

Transruptic’s Entrepreneur Ecosystem™ for Entrepreneurs in Training™ (EITs)

Entrepreneur Curriculum

This workshop course will help you launch your business or improve an existing company using evidence-based methods.

Financial Literacy

The Financial Literacy course will help you manage your personal and business finances. Entrepreneurs in Training™ -EITs will learn best practices for creating budgets and understanding the different models to raise capital.


Leadership Training/Small Group Coaching

Transruptic’s Small Group Coaching program is designed to help our EITs develop the mindset needed for success in starting and growing their businesses. The coaching also helps our EITs improve their personal lives.

Think Tank Group

Our Think Tank Group is a place for our EITs to continue learning, teaching, receiving and giving support, and brainstorming among cohort graduates. The members of the Think Tank Group also provide accountability to each other.

Health & Wellness

Your health is your most significant wealth and asset. A healthy body gives you the strength and energy that help you to achieve better results in every aspect of your life. We’re providing evidence-based best practices to help you gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Access to Capital

Small businesses need capital to grow and thrive. Transruptic’s 12-week program teaches entrepreneurs how to raise and use money effectively. We’ve partnered with several banks and alternative financial institutions to provide funding for our graduates.

The Transruptic Web Show is InformativeOutstandingGreat Edutainment Watch us every First Thursday of the month @ 7pm

Once a month, Transruptic’s Chief Example Officer, Stephen Jackson, and Natalie Pryce of Prycless Consulting bring you the best 90-minute show for people looking to start or grow a successful business.

Watch episodes on Facebook and Youtube

Watch past, episodes on our TRANSRUPTIC Channel. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when we go live.

Read Our Latest Whitepaper

Entrepreneurship as a Career Path for People of Color

Our latest whitepaper examines the concept of entrepreneurship viewed as a career path for People of Color. Imagine the state of our neighborhood businesses if People of Color expanded their view of entrepreneurship as an engine that creates economic growth to fuel prosperity in their communities.

This whitepaper examines that concept.

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