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Our Mission

To inspire, educate and support BIPOC to create and grow successful companies that hire from their communities to impact and improve their neighborhoods.

Transruptic, Inc. is an extraordinary company with exceptional ideas and methodologies. We decided that a traditional Mission Statement is not good enough for a company built on the principles that we embody.  In addition to our Mission Statement, we created our BUSHIDO, the core principles that we stand upon for our strength, vision, guidance, and courage.  Our outcome every day is to best our best to deliver amazing services in developing next-level entrepreneurs.


Attitude – Our attitude is a will-do approach, always focusing on a positive outcome for our clients, ourselves, and our families. We vow to maintain a positive attitude during unforeseen circumstances that will allow us to concentrate our energies on solutions, not on problems.

Passion – We are passionate about the work we do, and we display our passion each and every day by providing the best production value each and every time. We vow to best our best every day so that our clients will always achieve a positive return on their investment with us.

Character – Our character is to be Personally Responsible for everything we do, be honest in all of our endeavors, make those around us better, and do it with fairness and respect.

Respect – We respect our clients and the communities they serve to maintain a professional image and treat all people with dignity and professionalism, regardless of any differences among us.

Courage – We always display the courage to do what is correct & honorable at all times. We always protect our client’s brand and image with the same fortitude and tenacity as we protect our families.

Honor – We honor the trust and faith our client’s place in us, and we vow to never dishonor their trust in us by providing less than our very best regardless of the task we commit to.

Loyalty – We vow loyalty in that we never will reveal information that is entrusted to us either by our clients, prospects, or business associates. We vow to protect our client’s loyalty to us by never acting inappropriately or without honor in all of our activities.

Our Bushido was developed from the Bushido Code of the Samurai warrior. The word samurai originally meant “one who serves,” and Samurai warriors served Japan’s citizens to the point where they would kill themselves if they failed in their duties. A Samurai did not settle for good enough or made excuses when they fell short of their outcome.

Bushido actually comes from a combination of words. “Bushi” means “Warrior” and “Do,” which means way (Gaskin & Hawkins 1994). To simplify it, you can say it means “the way of the warrior.”

Our Bushido is the way of our company, and it’s our strength, our focus, and our heart!

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