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Transruptic is a company that helps Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses. Transruptic provides excellent education and long-term support so that business owners thrive and create jobs in their communities. In this way, Transruptic positively impacts neighborhoods across the country.

At Transruptic, we focus on creating business owners through our Entrepreneur Ecosystem™. We provide entrepreneurs in training™ (EITs) with the tools they need to succeed in today’s economy, including access to capital, technical assistance, and entrepreneur training programs. Our mentoring services help those looking to build successful and profitable companies achieve their goals.

We Use Evidence Based Practices that Create Successful Entreprenurs by:

We developed an interactive peer-to-peer curriculum that focuses on executing business processes to start and grow their companies. The curriculum is built on developing best practices for growing your business by completing weekly actions and getting feedback from your peers.

The Entrepreneur Mindset Program (EMP) provides experiential leadership development through Small Group coaching to assist our Entrepreneurs in Training™ (EIT)s to develop the mindset necessary to help them use all available resources to chart and navigate the path to achieving success in their personal and professional lives.

At Transruptic, we understand that financial literacy is key to success for our EITs. EITs take workshops on credit repair, cash flow management, and when to invest in professional accounting services. By educating our EITs on these topics, we set them up for success in building their businesses.

At Transruptic, we understand that having good credit is essential to starting and growing a successful business. We offer free credit repair services to all of our EITs. We want to help you get off on the right foot and build a strong foundation for your new venture.

Transruptic is committed to providing access to networks and capital to develop the resources necessary to start and grow successful and profitable businesses. We provide help to networks and money for our EITs before they are even aware of their need.

Transruptic has relationships with traditional and alternative lenders to provide capital to almost every business owner, from startup entrepreneurs to seasoned business owners. We have a wide range of options for our clients, so they can choose what best fits their needs.

Transruptic’s 12-month Thank Tank group will further assist our EITs with dealing with the many circumstances that prevent successful growth. EITs will meet monthly with business experts to devise solutions for our EITs to scale their companies.

Our Think Tank group is a support group for our EITs to discuss solutions to their challenges as BIPOC entrepreneurs.

Access to accurate health & wellness information to help entrepreneurs gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your physical health is vital to your success. A healthy lifestyle provides you with more energy and clarity to deal with the work and stresses of running a successful business. Our suggestions and programs can help you improve your physical health.

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