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What's an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. Entrepreneurs play a vital role in any economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bring good new ideas to market.

The Dilemma of Black Entrepreneurship in America

The US Census Bureau’s Annual Business Survey found that Black-owned businesses make up only 2 percent of the nation’s total, far below the 13 percent Black share of the US population. In other words, 96 percent of the approximately 2 million Black businesses have ZERO employees.

White-owned businesses are more than seven times as likely to have employees as Black-owned businesses and collectively employ 40 times more people.

There are high unemployment, crime, and poverty rates in our communities of color. These issues could be solved by having more successful Black businesses in our communities that last longer than five years and scale to hire workers from their communities.

There are two great ways to create generational wealth: owning a home and owning a business. Unfortunately, people of color are lagging far behind white America in both areas.

The Transruptic Solution

Transruptic was created to help solve a dilemma among BIPOC entrepreneurs.

The problem we are addressing is that not enough community-based entrepreneurs stay in business long enough to provide the needed jobs and raise the economies of our communities. If more than 50% of all Black-owned companies were to remain in business, grow, hire from their communities, and provide local community-based organizations, it would have a significantly impact. If these communities experience economic growth, they will reduce joblessness and crime.

Transruptic is transforming and disrupting how entrepreneurship is taught by developing an Entrepreneur Ecosystem™ and taking a holistic approach to how entrepreneurs are taught to build companies.

Transruptic helps entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses by providing access to evidence-based best practices in entrepreneurship development, leadership development, financial planning, capital, health & Fitness, and monthly Think Tank sessions. Our graduates use these resources to hire and grow their businesses.

Transruptic's CEO - Chief Example Officer

The Transruptic Team

Stephen Jackson has spent close to thirty years building and selling successful companies and assisting others with becoming successful entrepreneurs. Stephen has coached many business owners on his own and as a board member of the New York/New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council and recently as the C.E.O. of the 55-year-old organization Workshop in Business Opportunities, Inc. – WIBO.

Stephen’s long career in entrepreneurship has provided him with keen insights into industry best practices and evidence-based practices that led him to create Transruptic to provide a holistic way to inspire, educate and support entrepreneurs.

Stephen Jackson served as the C.E.O. of WIBO since May 1, 2018, after serving on the WIBO board. Stephen has been a part of the WIBO family since he graduated from the program in 1992. Stephen had volunteered as a Work Group Leader after graduating from WIBO. He served as a Discussion  Leader since 2012 when he encouraged his daughter to attend WIBO before starting her clothing boutique business.

Stephen has used what he learned in WIBO’s 16-week workshop to build and sell three multi-million dollar companies. When he sold his last company R.D.Z. Media Group, L.L.C. in 2013, Stephen started a nonprofit running club, Run2LIVE that had grown to include the Healthy Lifestyle University producer of the I’m Battling Against Diabetes “I’m B.A.D. program

Vice President, Leadership Development

Tia Jackson serves as Vice President of Leadership Development will be providing coaching for entrepreneurs. Tia will be providing insight, tools, and guidance for entrepreneurs.

The coaching and tools will assist entrepreneurs in understanding what it means to be a leader utilize the tools to provide to become better owners in their businesses and life.

Vice President, Financial Services

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